Monday, June 28, 2010

What A Blog It Is And What A Perfect Name For It!

"DocChuck's"/Charles Richard Treuter's worst nightmares are coming true and he is really pissed off about it.  First, my commissioned investigation of the sociopathic fraud and his pathological lying along with his potentially dangerous psychosis and now another Blogger who has obviously had enough of the "Doc's" five plus year run of spewing his venom, hatred, racism, sexism, anti-Americanism, anti-semiticism, anti-Christian, God-hating, move-on-dot-org socialistic and commie liberalism,  self-aggrandizing bullshit about his self-proclaimed academia and income and marriage to "Dr." Elizabeth Ann (Jarvis) Treuter (about whom he has posted is an M.D. who graduated from Johns Hopkins University's Medical School and went on to own medical clinics throughout the United States, as well as the U.K., plying her world-renowned Doctor of Neurology skills and services), his worldly possessions, his bank account holdings, his real-estate holdings, his investment portfolios and other unadulterated horseshit boastings and threats has entered the fray to expose this worthless Internet troll and excuse for human existence.

I became aware of the following post at Midtown Lunch Forum where the "Doc" regularly posts and where he is continually rebutted, rebuked, and rebuffed by those who have had their fill (no pun intended) of his crap:

I started my own blog as well...